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Attorneys: Baum, Stanley D.; Bruno, Susan M.; Cary, Larry; Chan, Melissa S.; Franklin, Shenice; Jensen, Tara; Kane, Walter M.; Kirschenbaum, George A.; Pergue, Charles; Vladeck, Liz; Peggy Muschett

(212) 868-6300

(212) 868-6302

1350 Broadway #1400, New York City, New York 10018

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Lawyer(Law firm) Cary Kane LLP is located in New York City, state New York. Zip code 10018. We provide services not only in New York City. You can clarify details by phone (212) 868-6300. Also you can visit our website and check opening hours, payment methods, our licence, legal guides, legal answers. We specializes mainly in following Legal Issues: Wrongful Termination, Employment Law, Sexual Harassment, Retaliation, Whistleblower Claims, Disability Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, Employee Benefits, Severance Negotiations, but you can ask any question. Be sure we do best to help you. If you have an personal experience with us please write a review otherwise please check our attorney rating and reviews.


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Cary Kane LLP practice area

Wrongful Termination Employment Law Sexual Harassment Retaliation Whistleblower Claims Disability Discrimination Pregnancy Discrimination Employee Benefits Severance Negotiations

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Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm

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New York City Labor and Employment Lawyer, NY Labor Attorney

Cary Kane LLP New York City Labor and Employment Lawyer (212) 868-6300. We help defend your legal rights in cases such as labor law violations, sexual harassment, or discrimination.